Back to School in Malawi

Kondwani_MalawiSixteen-year-old Kondwani Nyirenda stopped school in Standard 2 at age 12 because he needed to help support his family by working in tobacco estates. For four years, Kondwani spent every day working without resting to be able to buy food and clothes and cover for his basic needs.

In 2012, Kondwani was identified by the CLEAR project as a vulnerable child in need of support. He immediately attended counselling sessions where he was informed about the importance of school. The CLEAR Project gave him emotional and financial support to return to his education.

The CLEAR project also supported Kondwani’s parents by providing them with 10 chickens for breeding and selling. Chicken breeding is a successful, efficient income-generating activity that enables poor families to get increased income without adding too much on their workload. Kondwani’s mother also joined a village savings and loan group in her village, made possible through the CLEAR Project, where she was able to get small loans to purchase items and support her son.

Kondwani is now back to school and he is one of the most hard-working learners in his class. Although he is older than other pupils in his class, he arrived second in the last school term examination. He says his success in school is largely due to the psycho-social support that he receives from the teacher counsellor and the community counsellor trained by the CLEAR Project.

Kondwani’s family has now diversified its income and can develop its small chicken business. And now, Kondwani says he is going to achieve his ambition of becoming a police officer after finishing secondary school.