Malawi Project Objectives, 2011-2015

Malawi_2011_2015_objectives_gray_boxThe CLEAR Project is helping to make a better life for children in tobacco-growing communities in many ways.

We’re actively involving communities in identifying and registering children engaged in child labour using mapping exercises. Children are sustainably withdrawn with the participation of all stakeholders at district and community levels.

The CLEAR project is providing financial support to families to ensure that children can attend the nearest primary schools. We’re also constructing and renovating classrooms with a special focus on water and sanitation. We’re providing children with meals and basic health care (such as de-worming and vitamin supplements) at school to improve students’ performance by ensuring that they are not hungry or sick. We’re also providing professional development for teachers, and vocational training for children who have dropped out or are working legally.

awareness Awareness
Our awareness-raising campaigns are engaging communities in identifying and eliminating child labour, and advocating for policies that support the implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP).

capacityStrengthening Communities
We’re training teachers, other professionals, and volunteers to show parents, farmers, and children the link between eliminating child labour and obtaining an education and achieving economic improvement.

povertyAlleviating Poverty
The CLEAR Project is:

  • Strengthening farmers economically so that they need not rely on child labour to earn money to meet basic family needs.
  • Running village savings and loan associations, which provide low-cost credit as well as training on savings and loan management, and developing viable economic activities beyond tobacco growing.
  • Training farmers on sustainable agriculture to produce higher volumes of nutritious food crops.