Uganda Project Objectives, 2013-2016

Uganda_2013_2016_objectives_gray_boxThe REALISE Project is helping to make a better life for children in tobacco-growing communities in many ways.

withdrawal Withdrawal
We’re setting up and training community committees about child labour and how to identify vulnerable children. We’re also setting up specialized services for children who are withdrawn from child labour, such as counseling and psychosocial and financial support.

education Education
We are working with stakeholders in Hoima District to:

  • Promote youth employment for children above the minimum working age and providing occupational safety and health training for 18,000 caregivers and 5,600 children.
  • Help 5,600 child labourers or children at risk of child labour access quality education through school support packages
  • Help another 240 children (ages 15 to 17) attend apprenticeship training
  • Support 100 youth to stay in secondary school by paying for educational fees
  • Construct and rehabilitate 14 schools to decongest classes and make child-friendly school environments.
  • Facilitate access to clean water at these school by building water tanks

awareness Awareness
We’re developing a well-focused advocacy campaign that will be implemented at the national and district levels (focusing on Hoima District) and with both national and local media as partners. We’re using messages crafted in English and Runyoro for both national and community campaigns, along with media channels such as newspapers, radio, t-Shirts, posters and fliers, and murals and paintings.

capacity Strengthening Communities
We’re helping communities address the socio-economic issues that can contribute to child labour. We’re training teachers, school management committees, parents and teachers’ associations, local leaders, and councilors to tackle issues of child labour. We’re also creating Project Advisory Committees to steer the work of the action programme and guide and advise on implementation. These committees comprise tobacco companies, trade unions, growers, and the Ministry of Labour, including the District Labour Officer and NGOs working in the district.

poverty Alleviating Poverty

The REALISE Project is:

  • Forming 600 Village Savings and Loan Association that will directly reach 18,000 caregivers
  • Teaching business skills so that families can engage in alternative forms of income-genrating activities, such as rearing, poultry, bee-keeping and farming
  • Increasing food access and availability